April 4, 2024

7 Elements Of Good Pool Design

Having a backyard swimming pool is a dream that more and more Australians are turning into a reality. If you are considering adding a pool to your home then here are seven elements you should consider which will ensure that your pool fits in seamlessly with the natural surroundings, preventing it from looking like some intrusive, out-of-place hole in the ground.

Choose Shape And Size Wisely

Consider what you will be mostly using the pool for. Is it for exercising, entertaining, family fun or relaxation? How you plan to utilise the pool will determine the shape, size, depth and feature of your pool design.

Location, Location And Location

Ideally you want your pool to function as a backyard retreat; therefore it is crucial that you select the perfect spot for it. Consider putting your pool in a spot that gets maximum sunshine on it; especially from the hours of 11-2, and you do not want to place it in an area that has poor drainage. For safety reasons, it is ideal to be able to view your pool from the main rooms of your house.

Create A Healing Oasis

Relaxing in a hot spa has many health benefits, and many over-worked and stressed Aussies find that they spend more time in their spa than the pool. Don’t overlook the spa, as it can add great aesthetics to the pool when attached, but also may be placed as a completely separate space.


Install lighting for both safety measures and ambience. If chosen thoughtfully, lighting can give you more security while accenting the calming effect of the water in the pool, plus highlight focal points, artwork or certain plant specimens around the pool. Different types of lighting to consider for your pool area include:

  1. Focal Lighting: Designed to highlight features of the pool area – such as water features, statues, art and so forth. The sole purpose of this lighting is to add drama to the landscape and to have reflective qualities on the surface of the water.
  2. Ambient Lighting: Designed to create a calming mood, this lighting is designed to reflect across the surface of an object, such as a wall or the bark of an unusual tree, to enhance or reveal its texture. It can range from bright lights that illuminate stairs and pathways to the soft glow that showcases a garden.
  3. Pool Lights: Underwater lighting is crucial for pool safety, plus it lights up the water and emits a soft glow from the pool which is very aesthetics pleasing.
Focal Features

To keep the pool area unique and interesting, intertwine focal points throughout the design – such as water features, art, statues, unique furniture and natural elements such as rocks.


Architectural features like pergolas, gazebo’s, outdoor terraces, pool houses and cabana’s are often the focal points of pool design. Choose a structure that fits in with your lifestyle to maximise the potential of the pool – private retreats, beautiful views, entertaining areas and comfortable enclosures.


The detail and finishing touches will make a world of difference to your pool area, so it is important to take the time to do the job properly. Plants are a key feature around a pool, and you want to select plants that not only add texture and depth, but ones that you can comfortably maintain.

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