April 4, 2024

The 3 Best Indoor Plants

House plants can look stunning, and caring for them can be super rewarding. Whether you’re looking for a smaller plant to hang in the bathroom, or a larger plant to sit in the corner of the living room, bringing greenery into your space can bring more colour and character to an area.

Are you looking to incorporate plants into your indoor living space, but feeling a little overwhelmed about where to start? Below are three of our favourites that we think make some of the best house plants! Keep in mind that like many indoor plants, all three on this list can be toxic to kids and pets if consumed, so keep them out of the way of curious explorers!

Devil’s Ivy is a popular indoor vine with beautiful, cascading green and yellow leaves. Pinterest enthusiasts have probably seen this plant in many stylish bathroom design.

Originating from French Polynesia, this vine does fine with humidity, and can survive in low light conditions, making it ideal for bathrooms! Devil’s Ivy is pretty hardy. It likes sunlight, but can also grow in spots that are darker. Watering around once a week tends to be pretty good for these plants, but be sure to check that the soil surface is dry before watering to ensure it doesn’t become swamped.

If you’re after a super low maintenance indoor plant that doesn’t skimp on elegance, take a look at the Zanzibar Gem. This stunning plant – also sometimes called a ZZ Plant – has distinct dark green, glossy leaves that grow in neat rows.

It comprises a number of individual sprigs that group together to form the characteristic Zanzibar Gem look. This plant is native to eastern Africa and grows to a maximum height of around 60cm (although it’s slow-growing and can take a little while to get there!). Those who forget watering regimes will be glad to hear that the Zanzibar can survive on very infrequent watering: as little as once every two to three months. These look absolutely stunning in wholesale garden pots.

When it comes to our view on the best house plants, it’s hard to look past the Fiddle Leaf Fig. With its wide, dark green leaves with prominent veining, the Fiddle Leaf is sure to make a statement in a room.

We also use Fiddle Leaf Figs in our landscape designs. This ultra-trendy plant is native to western Africa and can grow super tall if given the space to do so! Caring for these majestic plants can be a little tricky at times. They can be quite sensitive and need a bit of TLC and balance to be their best. For example, the plants can struggle if placed in a spot without enough sunlight, or if given too much or too little water… but once you find the right balance with your plant, it should grow happily and healthily!

The Devil’s Ivy, Zanzibar, and Fiddle Leaf Fig are three of the best house plants in our books! We hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little more about each of these plants. When it comes to picking the best house plants for the rooms in your home, there are many gorgeous plants to choose from, so do a little research and find the ones that really catch your eye!


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