April 4, 2024

Our Favourite Aloes

Aloes come in many shapes and forms. From small flowering Aloes up to Aloe trees, one thing they all have in common is their impact on any garden. Aloes are known for their stunning flowers, drought tolerance and overall wow-factor. Here are a few of our favourite Aloes!

Aloe barberae – Aloe Tree

A great option for adding instant wow-factor to any garden. This large Aloe looks great in the garden as well as in pots as long as they’re positioned in a sunny spot. The mop-top canopy forms a distinctive neatly compacted crown. This Aloe is a great option if you’re looking for a hardy drought-tolerant tree.


Aloe plicatilis – Fan Aloe

This Aloe is native to southern Africa. A low growing aloe that will eventually reach a height of 4 meters. A great Aloe to grow in large pots as it looks impressive mass-planted. The gorgeous bluey-grey foliage gets a tinge of orange at the tips.


Aloe polyphylla – Spiral Aloe

A compact evergreen Aloe valued for its perfect spiral pattern foliage and distinctive appearance. The fleshy grey-green leaves form a beautiful spiral which makes you marvel at nature. A single Spiral Aloe can count up to 150 leaves! This Aloe rarely flowers; however, when it does it’s usually Spring or early Summer.


Aloe ‘Always Red’ by Aloe Aloe

This Aloe which is from renowned Australian Company Aloe Aloe is one of the best flowering Aloes we’ve ever seen. The beautiful Orange-red flowers are plentiful and last up to 9 months. We use this drought-tolerant Aloe not only in garden beds but also mass-planted in pots.


Aloes offer an eclectic mix of options for any landscape design project.  As the world has become more water-wise, we’ve been using Aloes in many of our gardens thanks to their drought-tolerant nature.