April 4, 2024

What’s Your Favourite Spoon?

Kalanchoes are one of the most versatile and diverse species of plants in the world. Two of the most popular Kalanchoe are Silver Spoons and Copper Spoons. It’s not often that a plant’s common name can be so accurate!

We use both varieties in our landscape designs due to their drought tolerance, hardy nature, and beautiful appearance.


Kalanchoe Copper Spoons

Featuring a larger leaf than Kalanchoe Silver Spoons, this upright succulent grows to about 400mm and looks great in pots and garden beds. Copper Spoons grow from a leading stem with offshoots creating a more upright and tight form than Kalanchoe Silver Spoons. The stunning copper toned foliage has a velvety feel and a soft green tone on the underside. Like all Kalanchoes, Copper Spoons like full sun and require very little watering.


Pic from Pinterest

Kalanchoe Silver Spoons

Silver Spoons tends to be bushier than Kalanchoe Copper Spoons. Silver Spoons look great mass-planted and can even be hedged. Their beautiful silvery foliage makes them a great choice when trying to create contrast in the garden. Kalanchoe Silver Spoons also work great in pots. Kalanchoe Silver Spoons grow quicker than Copper Spoons, so if you can’t wait (like most of us), than this is the option for you.


So there you go.  Now it’s up to you; what’s your favourite spoon?