April 4, 2024

Neomarica Gracilis – Walking Iris

The Walking Iris requires very little maintenance. If you don’t want the plant to spread or “walk” throughout your garden, you just need to pluck the leaves which support the flowers from the plant.


The flowers whilst stunning, typically only last a day or two. Fortunately the Walking Iris is a prolific flower throughout Spring, Summer & Autumn.

The beautiful dark green sword like foliage of the Walking Iris has found a home in many of our gardens. This low-maintenance clumping perennial is a great “filler” in garden beds as it creates contrast between bun shaped plants. It also works fantastic along pathways and makes an excellent border plant.

Walking Iris also look great in pots as the foliage tends to hang over the sides of the pot creating a beautiful cascading effect. For an example of how we use Walking Iris within our gardens, check out this project in Freshwater.