April 4, 2024

Outdoor Bench Seating

I find that these days our clients like to spend time in their gardens the same way they do when they’re out with friends.  Entertaining in the garden has become a Sydney way of life and outdoor bench seating can be not only functional but can also provide a visual asset.

The ‘boxed’ style timber bench seats with hinged lids are great for providing storage for things such as kids toys or outdoor cushions.

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The other way we commonly use outdoor bench seating is to cantilever the seat out from a wall or raised planter bed.  Cantilevered bench seating works particularly well in small spaces as it gives the illusion of more space.  The area under the seat can be either finished with a hard surface such as tiling, or planted out with a shade tolerant plant. Find out ho we use polished concrete for bench seats.


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