April 4, 2024

Small gardens, small pools

We’ve been designing pools and gardens in Sydney since 2006, and maybe it’s just me, but backyards are getting smaller and smaller in that time.

Gone are the days of huge 5m x 10m swimming pools. We rarely build an 8m x 4m swimming pool, a standard size ten years ago.

The most common pool we build these days is 6m x 3m, give or take. It’s not just a lack of space that’s keeping pool sizes down; people want more than just a pool and some grass. More of us are choosing to spend our leisure time at home, meaning outdoor kitchens and general-purpose entertaining areas have become priorities.

The design is key to incorporating a small pool into a small backyard. A clever design will consider the site holistically and ensure the layout maximises usable space. Over the last few year years, we’ve built pools in some of the smallest backyards Sydney has to offer.

Excavation is a massive component of any new swimming pool project, even more so in a small backyard with poor access. We’ve driven mini-excavators through the front door, down the hallway, and out into the back yard of our client’s homes. And if we absolutely can not get an excavator into the backyard, we simply hand dig the pool.

Excavation is generally the first and most significant potential hurdle of any project. Once complete, though, it doesn’t matter if it’s a small or large site; things progress as usual.

As I mentioned earlier, the design is critical. Get the design right, and you can fit a pool in any backyard.