January 5, 2024

Swimming Pool Design: A Checklist

Deciding to build a swimming pool is a worthwhile, yet big investment. Since the pool will occupy a large section of your backyard, it’s important to do some pre-build planning to ensure you get the best pool design for you and your family – for once the plans are in place it can be costly to make alterations. For an optimal backyard retreat, use this checklist to ensure that you maximise your space and determine the best design for your swimming pool.

Talk to other pool owners

You can gain a lot of insight from talking to people who have previously gone through the process of building a pool. You can learn what works, what doesn’t, what they regret and what they wish they knew before they started the build process. Whether it’s a friend, a family member, work colleague, or someone in your neighbourhood, most people are more than happy to share their knowledge and experience. Some key questions you may want to ask are:

  • What do you like about your pool?
  • Is there anything you did that you would do different?
  • How long did the pool installation process take?
  • Were there any unforeseen costs or challenges that you didn’t expect?

Gather Ideas

With a sea of endless options, deciding on one pool design can become overwhelming. Gather ideas and inspiration by starting a folder or Pinterest board with pool designs, features and focal points that you like. Once you have collected 15-20 different designs, take the time to sit down and compare each design. Notice if there is a common theme or feature that you are drawn to, as this will help you determine what colours, schemes, furniture, and design themes appeal to you the most. Overall, you will get a sense of what you definitely want included and what you don’t want included – making the design process more productive and less overwhelming.

Do a hose layout

To get a feel for how much space your swimming pool will take up, you can use the simple hose layout method for determining how to best utilise your space. Gather up several garden hoses and lay them on the ground in the area where you plan the pool to go. This will give you a realistic visual of how the pool will look. Experiment and trace out different sizes and shapes, getting an idea of what shapes and sizes look best in your backyard.

Make a wish list

From your file of saved pool ideas, write down on one piece of paper every feature and element that you want in your ‘perfect’ pool design. Don’t worry about costs at this stage – so dream big. Start the design process start with the end in mind. Ask yourself ‘What does my dream pool design look like?’ It’s a good idea to talk with your local landscaper at this point and get a quote on your perfect design. If it is out of your budget then they usually can work with you to create a similar design using more affordable alternatives that create the same impact.