April 4, 2024

Swimming Pool Design Ideas

Creating a pool that’s sympathetic and actually compliments the garden is tricky, but when it all comes together a pool gives you the opportunity to add an amazing element to your garden. A swimming pool is such a dominant feature of most residential gardens that it influences the entire garden design. Here’s some swimming pool design ideas to help make your design process a little bit easier.

The average suburban block has decreased in size, and so have most swimming pools. The largest pool we’ve designed and installed over the last 5 years was 10m x 4m and the most common size is 7m x 4m. Space is simply too valuable these days and our love for entertaining and alfresco areas has taken over the obsession with huge swimming pools.

The position of the pool is one of the most critical aspects to consider when installing a pool. Many pools that where installed 10 years ago or more, are positioned in direct sunlight. Fortunately those days are long gone and these days I try to position the pool in partial shade. This not only means kids can enjoy the pool without being exposed to the sun for extended periods of time, but it actually makes the pool look more inviting.

It’s important that the pool is positioned close enough to the house, that it actually gets used. The novelty of a pool if positioned too far from the house soon wears thin.

A swimming pool should complement a garden, not completely dominate it. Assess what’s truly important to you in a garden, and design the location and size of your pool to suit your lifestyle. Just because you have to work backwards once the location of your pool is confirmed, doesn’t mean it has to completely take over your garden either.

Pool Designs

This swimming pool in St Ives is positioned directly out from the rear doors, which run off the living room. This naturally invites you outside and into the garden. The pool which is also positioned between the house and the cabana creates a beautiful visual element that’s enjoyed from both the house and cabana.

Pool Design Ideas

We designed this fully tiled swimming pool in Mosman to ‘fan-out’ from the house which gives the garden design a less structured and formal look. This is also a great example of getting the colours and tones right for swimming pool design, the dark colours contrast beautifully with the vibrant turf and surrounding plants.

Swimming Pool Design Sydney

This swimming pool design is centered around using the actual pool spill wall itself as the pool fence. Not only a practical idea, but it also creates a dramatic visual element which can be viewed from the main living room inside the house. This fully tiled plunge pool in Waverton is only 4 x 4m, proof a swimming pool can be designed into nearly any garden.

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